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Join us tonight at the New Ohio Theatre ! | Saviana Stănescu’s Foresighted ZEBRA 2.0 at Ice Factory Festival, 5-8 July 2023

Written by Saviana Stanescu
Directed by Jeremy Goren 

With contributions from data scientist Dr. Niki Athanasiadou

Featuring: Alina Mihailevschi and Tim Craig

Projection/Video Design: John Jannone, Michi Zaya, Amy Liou
Scenic Design:  Xinan Helen Ran
Lighting Design: Duncan Davies
Music/Sound Design: Ras Badejo
Final video Camera and Editing: Matt Lewis/Sound Flash Films

Production Stage Manager: Erika Bracy

Produced by AnomalousCo, Wistaria Project, and The Romanian Cultural Institute

Producing Team: Aaron Ellis, Diana Zhdanova, Jeremy Goren, Jordan Friend, Kathryn Mederos Syssoyeva, Rachael Langton.
Production manager: Kathryn Mederos Syssoyeva
Assistants to the Director: Toni Mello, Stewart Harrison
Graphic Design: Billie Starship

Zebra 2.0 was commissioned for the inaugural Science in Theatre Festival by Transforma Theatre in New York in 2021. Development of Zebra 2.0 was supported by a North American Cultural Laboratory Deep Space Residency.

A mind-bending, heart-rending – and funny – transmedial performance experience, Zebra 2.0 engages questions of artificial intelligence, humanity, belonging, consciousness, and reality, at the heart of which beats the story of the uncanny friendship between Zina, an undocumented immigrant woman, and AI, who appears on a large computer monitor. Over the course of 50 nights, Al and Zina swirl us through their tale of language, love, and learning. Will these two misfits find fulfillment in this crazy, mixed-up world before the powers that be can interfere?

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